What is Google’s Latest Search Update?

Continuing with animal names, Google’s newest search update has been named Crows. But unlike its animal counterparts, Crows is not an algorithm; instead it helps calculate the distance between two places faster easier, and more accessible. Check out the example below:

Google Search Update

The OneBox as they are calling it, shows answers to search queries right away, instead of just presenting links relevant to the query. The OneBox will show the distance between any two locations, no matter how far the distance! Not only does it tell you the distance in miles, but it also gives you an estimated time of arrival.

How does this help your business in anyway? Well, say you’re a contractor working out of Lynn, you receive a call from a potential customer living in Watertown, he wants a new roof installed, before you agree to do the job, you want to see how far the drive is from Lynn to Watertown. Google will tell you how many miles you will have to travel, how long it will take, and will notify you if there’s traffic, thanks to OneBox.

Google is always making updates to provide users with an easier more efficient experience. Learning about these Google updates, whether they are new algorithms or not, can help your business succeed and excel via the internet!

By Joe Giorgianni

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