What is Google’s Bard & When Can I Use It?

Ever since Microsoft announced the launch of the new Bing, equipped with ChatGPT, other search engines have been on the hunt to find their version of the software to equip their search engines with artificial intelligence. Google is next in the race with their new artificial intelligence system labeled as “Bard”.

What is Bard?

Bard is an artificial intelligence tool that is a conversational service that aims at countering the Microsoft-backed Chat GPT. At this moment Bard is experimental and is powered by LaMDA, which stands for Language Model for Dialogue Applications. Bard is currently not available for normal use, at least for now. At the moment it will be exclusively used by a select group of trusted users that are external from Google. 

When Will I Be Able to Use Bard?

Current Bard is being tested by a diverse group of individuals that are external to Google. In terms of when we will all be able to freely use the program, per Google CEO, Sunday Pichai, Bard will be released to the everyday user later this year (2023).

How Will Bard Work?

Bard will work by combining the knowledge of the world with power, intelligence, language, and creativity which will draw information from the current web to provide users with precise and quality responses. This will allow Bard to give unique responses to the user pending on their age and demographic.

What Will I Be Able to Ask Google’s Bard?

Google’s Bard is supposed to be able to answer any question in simple terms that everyone will be able to understand. This includes being able to ask complex questions relating to any subject you can imagine. Google also claims that Bard should be able to answer questions and provide tips relating to human tasks such as providing tips for party planning or lunch recipes.

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