What is Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox has not been confirmed by Google but many SEO specialists and web engineers have suspected that Google Sandbox is an algorithm that is targeted towards new sites. New sites that may have high SEO content on them might not see the jump in the SERPS that they were hoping for. This theory, as well as leaked information, is the reason why many believe Google Sandbox exists.

What does Google say about Sandbox?

Google continues to deny the existence of sandbox to this day. Employees of Google consistently respond to tweets about sandbox not existing. Google’s response to sandbox rumors was giving a list of reasons as to why new websites do not do well it in the SERPS. Some of these reasons were:

Less content

A new website will have less content than a site that has been around for a couple of years. More content gives the site an opportunity to make better pages that are loaded with keywords as well as better ranking SEO pages.

Fewer Backlinks

A new site will not have as much content as an old site which means there are fewer backlinks to put into a site. Backlinks generate positive SEO for your site. External links also generate positive SEO for your site assuming you are outsourcing credible legitimate sites.

Legal user signals

Google may take some time to analyze the amount of work you are doing. This is how the data process for Google in any action that you do. SEO takes some time to start seeing results, as well as any analytics or trackers you have on your site. You cannot check data that isn’t there.

What should you do?

If you have a new site your best bet is to make sure you are optimizing for your product to the best of your ability. Regardless of Google Sandbox, your site will start to rise in ranking if you have good quality content!

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