What is Google Sandbox 2.0?

Google Sandbox is a penalty that filters out specific back links from a penalized website that are helping to speed up its ranking on Google. This term can be traced back to 2004 where it had a tremendous effect on how new websites were being launched. These sites were essentially trapped in this “sandbox” until Google recognized them as a legitimate site.

Once a website was finally recognized in webmasters tools, it could then be ranked on Google and would begin to show up in the search results. This is known as the Google Waiting Period. There is however controversy into how much of an influence this concept has, but nonetheless there is a waiting period of around 30 days. Compared to 2004, websites rank much quicker granted you follow Google’s algorithm requirements and avoid Black Hat SEO techniques.

The main intention of Google Sandbox 2.0 is to eliminate the popular “churn and burn” method of setting up a new site, putting thousands of bank links, and instantly ranking higher on Google. Though there is still a waiting period when launching a new site, making sure you follow Google’s requirements will ensure a smooth transition away from the Google Sandbox.

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