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What is Google RankBrain?

Google RankBrain is essentially the artificial intelligence portion of Google’s core algorithm. This means that RankBrain uses machine learning to give users custom results that are determined by previous activity, location, and the wording of the search query. Using these custom parameters, Google can give the most relevant search engine results page to each individual user. For example, if you were an American vacationing in Italy and searched “How far is Vatican City from me”, Google would know to give you the answer in miles rather than in kilometers. This happens because Google knows that if you make most of your searches from the United States, it’s a safe bet that you use the imperial measurement system rather than the metric system. RankBrain also gives Google users smarter results for searches like, for example, “Super Bowl Location”. Even though websites with a greater amount of backlinks are about the 2021 Super Bowl in Tampa, Florida, RankBrain uses mathematical pattern recognition to notice that most users are actually looking to find the location of next year’s Super Bowl in Inglewood, California. 


How Does Google RankBrain Affect SEO?

While backlinks, content depth, and keywords are all still an important piece of search engine optimization, RankBrain creates another aspect of SEO that websites need to focus their efforts on. RankBrain makes tailoring websites to fit users’ needs all the more important. This means that for a site that’s goal is to advertise future events, for example, RankBrain optimization may be more important than for a site whose goal is to give users historical data or information. Overall, RankBrain is just another way that Google is becoming smarter in order to give it’s users the best possible experience. This can either be beneficial to a website with properly managed SEO, or extremely harmful to sites that haven’t been able to keep up with Google’s constant updates. 


Do You Have More Questions About Google RankBrain?

If you have more questions about Google RankBrain or other Google algorithms, contact our team at Boston Web Marketing to learn about how investing in search engine optimization is essential to any business in this day and age. Our dedicated team of SEO specialists would be happy to help you get your business to it’s best online presence and potential. Give us a call at (857) 526-0096 or fill out our contact form here

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