What is Google Penguin 3.0 & Who Does it Affect?

Google Penguin 3.0 has been called a “refresh” by Pierre Far. What has this new update to the penguin algorithm done? The update goes through and checks back-links to the site and penalizes those websites with poor back-links. The goal of this update is to reward those sites who are being listed on quality websites and performing white hat SEO and penalize those websites that are putting their listing on those websites that are poor quality. It will also deter companies from using black hat SEO tactics to improve their search engine rank. It is also important to note that Penguin 3.0 is not done rolling out yet and will continue to make strides and affect those websites with poor backlinks.

The Penguin 3.0 update affects all of Google’s versions, but it affects some more than others. Google Penguin 3.0 is only going to affect 1% of English queries but may affect other languages more or less. To gauge how many queries that is, Google’s first introduction of Google Penguin affected 3.1 of all English queries. Like any algorithm update, Google Penguin 3.0 will help some sites and hurt others.The best way to avoid any possible penalties that this update may cause is to go through and check all of the listing sites that your website is listed on and all of the back-links of your website and disavow those that could be considered as poor.

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