What is Google Optimize for Google Analytics?

If you use Google Analytics to track sessions and traffic on your website, you may have received an email about Google Optimize for Google Analytics. Google Optimize is centered on creating dynamic websites that can provide more traffic and better user experiences. In the past, we have provided guides on building effective calls to action, UI/UX design, and creating landing pages. Google Optimize is a tool that will allow web developers to test these strategies in realtime.

What is Google Optimize?

Google Optimize has a few key features: custom landing pages, a/b testing, and data-driven advice. In short, Google Optimize uses the same concepts for testing Google Ads. In a Google Ads campaign, you will likely have multiple ad groups that are positioned at different groups. You will also likely a/b test your ads. Google Optimize works similarly, but instead of optimizing ad groups, you optimize sections of your website through a/b testing. Google Optimize lets you make new sections of your website that are tailored to different groups and track how they affect your conversion rating.

How Does Google Optimize Work?

Google Optimize has two main features: an editor and a reporting dashboard. The editor allows you to create multiple derivatives of your existing content. Test anything from colors, to button size, to a general layout. By creating multiple versions of a landing page you can track which landing pages lead to the most business. In the reporting dashboard, you can compare and contrast data from your multiple landing pages. It is important to note, that although Google Optimize will provide some recommendations, to get the most out of the platform you should research a few ways to improve your website design. By testing different landing pages, you will learn which pages are most effective.

Is Google Optimize Free?

Google Optimize is free and hooks up directly with Google Analytics. You can sign up for Google Optimize here. There is also a paid version of Google Optimize called Google Optimize 360. However, it is recommended that while you try out this new tool, you start with the free version before upgrading. Google Optimize does require a decent amount of work, and simply a/b testing will not automatically increase your conversions or business. That is why it is important to have time to invest in the project because you will likely need to make frequent adjustments in order to get the full benefit from Google Optimize.

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