What is Google Maps Latest Feature?

Over the weekend, Google Plus added a new feature that shows people how long they can expect to be at a specific store or venue before they arrive. This information is collected on the crowdsourced data they have from users who travel to these particular locations. The new feature can be found under the Popular Times, in a new section called “Plan Your Visit.” In this new area on Goole Plus, it says “people typically spend X minutes here” examples shown have either been single numbers, like 15 minutes or a range from 15-45 minutes. Based on this tracking data, customers will be able to estimate how long they will spend at a certain business.

Last year around this time, Google Plus released the Popular Times feature that shows users how busy throughout the day a specific retail store or business is. This information is also gathered by crowdsourced data, it’s similar to how Google Maps traffic works. It’s used to used to pinpoint traffic in a specific store or venue.

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