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What Is Google Local Pack and Its Benefits?

So you have probably heard of and used Google Maps, but are you familiar with the Google Local Pack tool? While search engine optimization, also known as SEO, has become a vital component to businesses, local SEO carries more significance. This is where Google Local Pack comes into play. While most users do not know Google Local Pack by its official name, they have most likely come across it recently.

What Does Google Local Pack Look Like?

Google Local Pack is a top result on any local search engine query on Google. For example, if a user Googles “Burgers near me”, Google Local Pack will pull in a handful of burger places in the area and show it at the top of the search result. In the “local pack” of businesses being shown, Google will provide business hours, the address, online rating, etc. Google Local Pack is a helpful tool to help users find what they want quickly and conveniently.

Why Does Google Local Pack Matter For SEO?

Google Local Pack is often the first thing users will see on a certain search engine query. Having your business show up in a Google Local Pack can lead to more website traffic and more physical visitors. To rank and rank well on local packs, businesses need to make sure their SEO strategies are on point.

What SEO Strategies Are Needed For Local Pack?

The best way to get on a Google Local Pack for your respective industry is to take the digital presence of your business seriously. This goes beyond your website. To have a local pack for your business, first, make sure your business has a Google My Business profile set up. If you already have one set up, double-check to make sure all the business information is accurate. From hours to services, to areas serviced, the slightest inaccuracy can cause Google to prevent your website and business from showing up on a specific local search query.

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