What is Google In Apps?

Android users have been waiting for this  since Apple launched Spotlight a while ago, allowing users to search for contacts, photos, and videos, across apps like Gmail, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Google will add support for more apps like Facebook Messenger, LinkedIn, and Evernote in the future, so users can look for information with keywords. This new search mode is accessible via the Google app on your Android phone and under the In Apps Tab. The new feature is able to search offline, so you won’t need access to the internet when you need to look up the address of the hotel in your next destination on the plane. It is also possible to make certain apps not appearing in the search results.

Here is a sneak preview of how Google In Apps showing current and upcoming apps:

Nexus FB Messenger


So in the future, whether you want to bring up the grocery shopping list created two weeks ago (search groceries) or the name of the new Italian place that your friend told you about last week (search Italian restaurant), Google In Apps would be there for you.


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