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What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 has been in the world of SEO for roughly one year now and is eventually going to be the only source of Google Analytics. As opposed to Universal Analytics, which many people utilize now, GA4 will soon take the place of Universal Analytics as Google Analytics migrates its platform. Want to learn more about their differences, and how you can use GA4? Continue reading to find out.

How is it Different From Universal Analytics?

The overall differences are that Google Analytics 4 uses a measurement model which focuses on events and parameters, whereas Universal Analytics focuses on sessions and pageviews. GA4 will not be populating the data from Universal Analytics, so it is important to make the changes now before it’s too late. When it comes to data streams, one of the biggest changes in GA4 is the way that “properties” are handled. Universal Analytics has users create a separate property for each of the online assets. In GA4, properties are created using data streams instead. A data stream is used to pull data from an online entity and push it into your property, which you can learn more about implementing below.

What Are The Properties of GA4?

Data streams are crucial for utilizing every aspect of GA4. In order to create a data stream in GA4, it will be different from Universal Analytics, so be sure to follow this step by step guide. First, go to your settings. Under the category “Property” select “Data Streams”. From there, you will select “Add Stream”, and then decide which type of asset you want to source your data from. 

Another property of GA4 that differs from Universal Analytics is cross-domain tracking. This can be found if you navigate to “More Tagging Settings”. In order to find this to set up cross-domain tracking, you will click “Admin”, then “Data Stream”, then “More Tagging Settings”, then “Configure Your Domains”. This will result in the success of cross-domain tracking.

Although there are more properties that you will find to be different from Universal Analytics, one, in particular, that is different in GA4 are the referrers. If you are looking to identify which referrers you want GA4 to ignore, the following options are what is provided through this platform:

  • Referral domain contains
  • Referral domain begins with
  • Referral domain ends with
  • Referral domain exactly matches
  • Referral domain matches RegEx

How Can I Get Started?

Looking to get started in setting up your GA4? With the help of one of our experts here at Boston Web Marketing, you will be able to track and identify data using Google Analytics. To contact us for more information on how you can get started, give us a call at (857) 526-0096 or email us at

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