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What Is Google Ads Creative Studio?

Getting the proper SEO strategy for fueling conversions to your business can take a wide variety of forms. There are plenty of moving parts that all play a significant role in getting the leads you need! Google Ads is a platform that has long been established but, like their search algorithms, is constantly evolving to match the user experience. Part of this evolution just became available to advertisers recently in the form of the Google Ads Creative Studio. But, what is it, and how can you use it to help fuel traffic to your website? We break it down for you below!

About The Platform

Google Ads allows you to create a variety of different campaigns to promote your business on search results. For most of the subcategories, you’ll be limited in how much you can play around with your ads before they go to publish. Google Ads Creative Studio allows you to create many different versions of the same ad, giving you more creative freedom to mix and match your ads as you see fit. You can preview and test these ads among a select audience to ensure that they work before rolling them out worldwide as well. With the new platform, Google aims to expand their advertisers’ creative freedom.

Advantages of Using It

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to Google Ads is the amount of money your business is willing to dedicate to it, which is the standard regardless of what industry you operate in. Older versions of Google Ads were far more restrictive in terms of what you could allocate your budget toward, which limited the scope of ads you could show to your audience. Highly targeted ads would usually break the bank, and your options were limited otherwise. With the new Creative Studio, you’ll have more opportunities to open up your Google Ads playbook and get more creative with them!

What Are The Specs?

Google Ads Creative Studio recently underwent a successful round of beta testing, which means that the latest version of the program is starting to roll out! Right now, Creative Studio is only compatible with video creatives. However, Google has plans to roll out implementations for display ads as well, so keep an eye out for these updates in the coming months!

Google Ads With Boston Web Marketing

Boston Web Marketing ensures that every part of your SEO strategy is rock solid, including rolling out Google Ads to take your business to the top of search engine results pages! We’ll get your business the valuable leads it needs to grow and thrive. To get this process going, click here to contact us directly!

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