What is Google AdLingo?

Have you ever wanted more information from an ad outside of the click-bait headline?  Or maybe you want just a few details without having to click around?

What if you could have a full conversation with a Google ad?  Google’s new Display Ad chatbot, AdLingo does exactly that.

What is Google AdLingo?

Google AdLingo is a conversational marketing platform that allows users to connect with conversational assistants.  Similar to digital assistants like Facebook messenger and website chatbots, AdLingo leads users through real-time conversations on Display ads.

How does AdLingo Work?

Google partnered with conversation ad providers, marketing intelligence firm Valassis Digital, chatbot provider Take, and conversational commerce provider LivePerson to give ad space for the ad providers.

When users come across the AdLingo ad, users on the Display Network can engage with the ad by clicking, and the ad will respond with a thread without navigating the user to a website or landing page.  The ads will function similar to the existing Google Display Ads, which means the cost will be measured by cost per impression.

How can marketers take advantage of AdLingo?

Google AdLingo presents a new way for marketers to advertise: to bring awareness to how users can interact with a brand.  And just like you can customize Display Ads, you can create your AdLingo ads to appear to different customers in the different stages of the purchasing cycle.  Through their interactions with AdLingo, you can gain insight for the kinds of inquiries potential customers may have about your brand.  By having this information, you can develop more relevant ad experiences for your users moving forward.

How can AdLingo impact advertising overall?

In an over-saturated, ad-heavy, AI-focused world of marketing, it may not always be enough to hope users engage with your ad.  You may need to take a step further to establish a conversational connection with users.

While it may seem as though consumers may not spend their time interacting with an ad on the display network, AdLingo can benefit marketers for providing a new way to connect with customers.  Having a regular text ad may not always be enough to spark consumer interest.  Building meaningful connections with customers further engages them with your brand.  AdLingo gives users a chance to make real connections with brands.

As AdLingo is in its early days, we’ll more than likely see expanding functionality in the near future.

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