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What Is Going To Happen To My Vine Account?

Before one-minute Instagram Videos and Facebook Live, there was Vine.

Vine, acquired by Twitter in 2012, is an app where you can share creative, short, 6-second video clips.  A few months ago, Twitter announced that they will be discontinuing the Vine mobile app, which will be effective January 17.

Since the start of 2016, a majority of Vine’s users either deleted their profiles or completely stopped posting to the platform.  Vine “famous” users left for competitors with larger audiences like Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube.

What is happening to Vine?

While Twitter is discontinuing the mobile app, users can still create content.  Vine will convert to a new app called Vine Camera.  Users can still capture 6-second loops, which can be shared to Twitter or saved to a mobile device.  The new app will not have a feed or other social features.

Twitter is also prompting Vine users to follow the same accounts on Twitter as they currently do on Vine.

What will happen to the Vines I already have?  

Although the mobile app will no longer be active, Vines will be available on the app’s website, where users can still access and download their original Vines.  The site will stop hosting new videos and serve as an archive for searching old video clips.

Since Vine was connected to Twitter, any Vines posted to Twitter will still be active on a Twitter account.

What do I do now?

If you enjoyed the fun of creating Vines, you still can!  With the Vine Camera app, you can easily share your videos to other social media platforms that didn’t connect to Vine.

Other ways you can utilize video sharing to promote your brand is by using Snapchat, Facebook Live, Twitter Live, Instagram Videos, and YouTube.  With these platforms, users can increase their video time instead of being limited to 6 seconds.

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