What is Going on With Google Image’s New Color Filter?

As of this morning, Google has updated its Image Search options to include a color filter. This will give you the option to modify your search query with different color options by simply clicking on the boxes that will then appear below the search bar. Google actually first experimented with this back in August, but it was first implemented exclusively on mobile devices.sunset google search color filter

As evidenced by the photo above, search ‘sunset’ actually yields more than just color options. Of course, Google gives you the option to modify the color of the sunset, as it can provide you with a pink, blue or red sunset. But the new function also allows us to choose the location of the sunset as well. It automatically gives us the option to choose a sunset in the states of Hawaii, California, and Arizona – in addition to what geographical landscapes the sunset is setting over.

google new search option, white car

For a search with a commercial aspect to it, such as a car search, images can be optimized so they can appear in this search function. In the “Alt Text” option on a website’s backend, noting the color of the image will help Google to understand the color of whatever it is that’s captured in the photo. While Google’s algorithm has the capability to understand this on its own, using Alt Text is always an effective way to help optimize the site.

colonial house google search function

It’s also important to note the style of the subject of a specific photo to best optimize it for Google’s (and other search engine’s) image search. In the above search query for ‘Colonial House’, you can see that Google recognizes several different architectural styles for colonial houses. In the United States, colonial homes are generally associated with New England. However, colonial style is actually a relatively broad style, considering there are Spanish, French, and German Colonial homes. This illustrates that Alt Text should be made even more specific with this new search function.


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