What is Facebook Search?

Facebook just launched Facebook Search, the new & improved search algorithm that is an upgrade of Graph Search. With all the user feedback from 2013, Facebook Search will do a better job of helping you find posts, photos, friends of friends or people with similar interests.

Facebook Search is currently available for US English users on PC and mobile.

The search results for Facebook Search are personalized and you can only see what you can already see on Facebook, meaning the search results will follow user’s privacy settings.  The only exception is hash tags.  Users can see posts with hash tags, even if they are not in the same network.

Many have complained that the one part of Facebook Search that didn’t get much improvement was their local business search.  Local businesses are arguably one of the most searched for Facebook users and its hard to see why they have not made an improvement on it.  The Places Directory upgrade in July 2014 shows plans of improvement but we have yet to see it.



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