What is Email Marketing and How can it Improve SEO?

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a powerful and easy to operate low-cost direct marketing channel that is utilized to promote a business, its products, and service offerings. Email marketing is an off-page SEO technique that gives business’s the opportunity to improve the position of their website within a search engine results page.

Types of Email Marketing

There are many different types of email marketing and each variation serves a different purpose and allows a business to engage with a variety of audiences. Examples of email marketing include:

  1. Welcome emails: Welcome emails target new customers and make a great first impression. These emails encourage the targeted audience to learn more about the business and what they offer. These emails are a great way to include incentives such as a free trial or a percentage off.
  2. Confirmation emails: Confirmation emails inform the user that their order is received or there sign up for emails and newsletters is successful. These emails ensure the user that they are getting what they have signed up for.
  3. Newsletters: Newsletters highlight business’s promotions, products, services, customer reviews, and blog posts. Newsletters include a call to action to drive traffic to your website.

Email marketing does not directly impact a business’s search engine optimization. However, there are several advantages to using it that can aid in improving aspects of SEO.

Here are three advantages of using email marketing:

  1. It can help drive traffic to your website: By utilizing email marketing you are targeting your exact audience which will decrease the bounce rate on your website.
  2. It forces the audience you are sending it to, to take action: Once the email with the content is sent, the targeted user must take action whether that is by opening the email, deleting it, or archiving it. The user must interact with the email, which gives your business an opportunity to make an impression on them.
  3. It boosts social media engagement: By including links to your social media accounts you are generating organic engagement from your loyal customers. By including your social media accounts you are giving the user an opportunity to engage, follow, like, and comment with your accounts.

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