What is EAT Content & Why Does Google Care About It

Working in search engine optimization, you can sometimes forget that Google is a product. As a product, Google’s search engine wants to be valuable. Google’s profit on Google Ads is dependent on millions of users using their search engine daily. For that reason, it is important for Google to rank content that satisfies users. This is why so much of the algorithm is built around finding quality content. This means websites that load quickly, that are mobile-friendly, and that actually have valuable content. In 2019 Google tweaked the algorithm further to prioritize E.A.T. content.

What Is E.A.T. Content?

EAT content refers to content that demonstrates expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. Basically, Google wants to rank content that accurately answers the questions users are submitting. It seems obvious, but there is a lot of content on the internet that does not satisfy any of these three aspects. In fact, a lot of content on the internet is designed to satisfy (or trick) Google’s crawling bots, without really thinking if the content is even remotely useful for users. That is why Google continually makes changes to its algorithm to ensure ranking content is actually user-friendly.

How To Write EAT Content

When writing content for your website consider how you will make that content valuable. In the planning phase, consider key phrases and questions that your target audience is asking Google. Plan content that answers these questions. While writing, make sure your content is relevant and displays your expertise. As an SEO website, we write a lot of content on SEO. If we wrote a recipe for buttermilk waffles, it wouldn’t rank well because it is likely not our expertise in the eyes of Google. Blogs are a great way to demonstrate authority over time to Google. Writing frequently about your industry can demonstrate why you can be considered a trusted source. Here are a few other ways to improve how Google sees your content.

How Outbound Links Can Help Improve your Ranking

Another way you can establish trustworthiness is to site your sources. Creating content that links to .gov and .edu sites is an effective way to show that you have researched your content and can back it up with helpful links. Although inbound links are much more important for link building and SEO, outbound links in your content are an effective way to improve EAT content.

How Structured Data Schema Can Help Improve your Ranking

Another way to improve your content is to use structured data or schema codes. Think of structured data as a summary of what questions your content answers. FAQ, How-to, and recipe schema can easily tell Google the motivation behind your content. Meanwhile, article schema can define important information about an article from the title to the abstract. For more information on schema, please visit this article.

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