What is Dynamic Rendering?

In May of this year, Google announced that they would be releasing more information regarding dynamic rendering and how it would benefit websites that are JavaScript-generated and having problems being indexed by Google. But what exactly is dynamic rendering, how does it work, and how is it beneficial for your website?

What is Dynamic Rendering?

JavaScript-generated websites can be difficult for Google to crawl properly and dynamic rendering allows Google to crawl an HTML version of the website (or a specific page) while the JavaScript version is still being delivered to the user. This allows the website to be crawled properly so it can be indexed and appear on search result pages once the user submits a query.

Websites that Should Use Dynamic Rendering

Websites that have frequent changes or websites that have JavaScript that is not supported by the Google crawlers.

Common JavaScript Frameworks:

  • Angular JS
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • jQuery

Keep in mind that jQuery can be used for several seasons and just because you have jQuery on your website, doesn’t mean you need to add a dynamic renderer.

How Does Dynamic Rendering Work?

Dynamic rendering works by your server first detecting crawlers on your website and then requesting the crawlers to be routed to a renderer, where requests will be served normally. If necessary, a static HTML version of the page will be served to the crawler. It is possible to set up dynamic rendering for both an entire website or on a page-by-page basis, depending on the needs.

Three frameworks that can help you add dynamic rendering to your website: Puppeteer, Rendertron, Prerender.io.

Why Should You Care About Dynamic Rendering?

JavaScript frameworks can make creating a user-friendly website extremely easy, but creating websites this way can make it difficult for crawlers to properly crawl your website and understand the information. By implementing dynamic rendering, crawlers will be able to read your content and index it better allowing your website to have greater exposure.

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