What is Domain Authority?

Domain names are essentially the name of your website and the first thing you see when visiting a new site. Domain names are how people identify with certain websites or businesses, and a simple, easy to remember domain name can have a positive impact on your business. Domain names are how users access your website so if your domain name is simple enough for a user to remember, it can facilitate users to visit your website via direct search. What makes a domain better though, we discussed simplicity, but how can some domain names be stronger than others?

Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a search engine rank scoring system developed by MOZ that predicts a website’s ranking position on the search engine results page. The scoring for Domain Authority ranges between 1-100, with 100 being the strongest.

How is Domain Authority Measured?

Domain Authority ranking is scored by using a number of different metrics. One major factor is the number of links and the quality of links to your site. Your site may be linked to hundreds of other sites but if the websites you are linking to are spam sites, then your Domain Authority score can be compromised. If your site links to quality, reputable websites, your domain name will carry more weight. The age and history of your domain have a large effect on your Domain Authority ranking as well. Older domains rank better than new domains simply because they have a history and can be more trusted than newer domains. It is recommended not to change our domain too often, once you choose a domain name, stick to it.
Of course, there are many more factors that go into the Domain Authority ranking, and the calculation itself is mostly performed by machine learning standards. If you want to know more about Domain Authority or have any general SEO related questions, contact the experts here at Boston Web Marketing!

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