What is Digital Marketing?

As a business owner, it’s important to fully understand what exactly digital marketing is and how it is beneficial to your business. Users are now spending more time online than they did five years ago and the way users are shopping and interacting with the internet has completely changed. Since many activities have moved online, offline marketing campaigns are no longer cutting it and digital marketing now plays a huge role in reaching those online users. In short, digital marketing is a form of marketing that exists online but it is also an umbrella term that is much more detailed.

What Exactly is Digital Marketing?

There are several assets and tactics that fall under the umbrella term of digital marketing, including your website. Using each asset and tactic properly will help you achieve you goals.

Assets to Utilize:


Tactics to Utilize:

There are various different was to incorporate digital marketing to help increase visits to your website as well as conversions and sales.
Search Engine Optmization (SEO) – The process of optmizing a website to help rank higher in the organic results section on a search engine after a user submits a query
Content Marketing – The process of creating content specifically for lead generation, as well as brand and traffic growth
Social Media Marketing – The process of using social media platforms to drive traffic to your website, create brand awareness, and generate leads
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Pay-Per-Click is the process of using paid advertising, such as as AdWords, to get users to your website
Email Marketing – The process of running email campaigns that are sent out to an email list to share content, discounts, and events, as well as drive users to the website

Benefits of Digital Marketing

With traditional forms of advertising, there is no accurate way of tracking the results of a specific ad whereas with digital advertising, it is possible to accurately track results in real time due to the various programs that are now available.
For example, utilizing an analytics software such as Google Analytics will allow you to track the amount of users that come to your website and track how they are engaging with your website, if they’re filling out contact forms, and even to track the amount of phone calls that come from your website. Google Analytics also allows you to gain information about the various channels users are accessing your website through, which will in turn help you determine which marketing channels to focus on.

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