What is Crawlability?

When looking to outrank your competitors on search engines, understanding the basics of SEO is important. Both technical SEO and content SEO are what make up an optimized SEO strategy. Technical SEO refers to all the back-end optimizations with your website. This includes monitoring site speed, adding structured data, optimizing, and fixing links, fixing loading errors, and more. Content SEO occurs on the website and is readable such as the text on your website and the keywords behind it. This includes performing keyword research, improving and creating new blog content, optimizing landing pages, and more. Both types of SEO are equally important, but understanding the difference between the two is crucial to improving how your business is found online. Nowadays, many websites offer plugins to make technical SEO even easier to manage, including how your website pages are indexed and crawled. Learn below what crawlability is and its impact on your website.

What is Crawlability, And How Does It Impact My Website?

Crawlability is the ability to allow search engines such as Google to crawl your website. Many crawlers will land on your website daily and pick up information and content on your website. These crawlers are constantly working and come back to see if the content has been updated or changed. Sometimes website owners create pages that they do not want Google to crawl or index. The option is to stop search engines from following and crawling your website page content. Turning that switch off means your page won’t appear on search engines. The more crawlable your website, the easier it is to index, which increases the chance of improving your ranking on search engines. 

The Difference Between Crawlability and Indexing

Crawlability refers to how search engines can scan and index your web pages. Search engines use crawlers to collect data from websites, storing it in an extensive database called the index. Indexing measures the search engine’s ability to analyze the index and make those pages visible to users on search engines. Every time the crawler heads to your website, it will pick up your content and update it in the index. These crawlers return daily to see what has been updated or removed and will update the index, improving your ranking on search engine results pages. 

Improve Your Site’s Crawlability With Boston Web Marketing 

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