What is Cornerstone Content?

Cornerstone content is ultimately the foundation of your website. It’s the best of the best that your site has to offer; the key or top pages or posts that you want ranking highly on Google and other search engines. Cornerstone pages or articles are usually long, complete articles covering all areas of a certain topic. The focus is to create complete, reliable information on a topic rather than just another online sales pitch. The content can come in the form of a blog post or an informational page on your site, make certain that they’re written well and updated with relevant keywords regularly.

What Do Cornerstone Articles Have to do with SEO?

Cornerstone content is crucial to any SEO strategy, it can be difficult to rank for popular keywords, but taking a content (cornerstone) focused approach can help you target terms competitively. Creating a large amount of content about the same topic can cannibalize your chances of ranking highly on search engines, but you can counter this by using correct internal link structure practices. With internal link structuring, you can tell search engines which content is most important.

Link Structuring

You want your cornerstone content to be able to be found easily on your website, typically, you’ll want it to be able to be found right from your homepage. Posts that are related to your cornerstone content should link back to it. As time passes and you continue to add more and more content to your site related to your focus and key topics, it’s important to make sure to keep linking back to your cornerstone content to increase your ranking on SERPs.

How do I Identify my Cornerstones?

This is important, you’ll want to choose your cornerstone content wisely. The main four or so pages on your website that you’d like readers to see when they first touch your website. Which tells readers what your website is all about? Which are the most complete? Which topic have you researched most? That’ll be your cornerstone content because it’s informative and authoritative.

You’ll also want to make sure that the structure of your webpage is optimized as well, don’t forget headings and As you create more content and new cornerstones are created, it’s essential not to forget that it’s an ongoing process to rank on SERPs, make sure you’re targeting keywords and have your internal link structure properly in place.

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