What is Cloaking and Why is it Bad SEO Practice?

Cloaking is an unethical, aka ‘Black Hat’, SEO practice that consists of deceiving search engines (crawlers) by directing them to pages on the web that are not associated with the domain of the site. The soul purpose of this method is to boost the search results ranking of the particular website by loading tons of keywords onto the hidden page.

This technique displays content to the crawlers that is much different to the user. By using different keywords, titles and descriptions that are not relevant to your website’s content, you are essentially tricking people to view your page.

Most search engines now frown upon the practice of cloaking, and will penalize web sites that they find to be using cloaking as a method to earn better search rankings.

If you’d like to boost your search rankings the proper way, try a few ‘White Hat’ SEO practices!

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