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What is CC Search?

A new search engine called CC Search was recently launched by the non-profit organization, Creative Commons. It is created with the aim of finding free and legal images on the web easier and giving proper credit to the creator.

This can be seen as a big move by Creative Commons to compete with other search engines like Pixabay, Pexels, and Google for finding free-to-use images. You can now use the new search engine to find pictures within 500px as well as artworks and paintings from various famous museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

CC Search allows you to search images by title, author, and tags. You can also see search results that appear in other search engines. One feature that makes it unique is that the easy one-click copy and paste feature enhances the user experience of giving proper credit to the creator of the image.

The search engine itself is certainly not the final product as it is still in beta. Creative Commons have announced that they are developing the search engine further and looking to improve it based on feedback collected from users. Their goal is to create a tool for people to “curate, share and remix works with freedom.” So, there is a lot to be expected once the final version does come out.

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