What is Call to Action? (CTA)

What is a Call to Action?  A call to action can be a button, banner, graphic text, QR code or image on your website that prompts visitors to click.  Without a call to action on your website, it will be unclear to your audience on what the next step is to acquire your services.

Call to action buttons use verbs like sign up, register, call, subscribe or buy now to draw people in. Call to actions must offer incentives for visitors to click to be effective. For example, free gift, free trial, discount deadlines, free estimates or consultations, or specials/promotions.  To increase a sense of urgency, you can use phrases like “limited time offer” or “offer expires on March 31st.”


To track the conversion rates of your call to actions, read my article on conversion tracking or my colleague, James Maston’s click to call conversion tracking article.

By Tony Fong

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