What is Bing’s new Site Safety Page?

Bing has created a new system where you can find out why a website has been flagged. When a website is flagged a caption will appear next to the listing saying that the site has been flagged for safety reasons or malicious attributes. It will also provide a link to their new “Site Safety Page”. This will allow any searcher to check and see specific reasons for why a website has been flagged. The goal is to increase awareness of unsafe and malicious sites so that when a website is flagged, the webmaster can go in and fix the problem as soon as possible. Some of the specific information provided to the searcher on the site safety page includes:

  • The reason why the site has been marked as a malicious site
  • The date when Bing first detected malicious material on the site
  • How often the URL is being scanned
  • The latest date the website was scanned and found to be malicious

Bing also plans on adding information including:

  • The total number of URL’s on a site that are labeled as malicious
  • Types of malware found on a website
  • Latest date of suspicious activity
  • Date the website was last scanned
  • The ratio of warning trigger/coverage

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