What Is Bing Ads’ New Feature?

Bing Ads’ new feature is the “notify me”, which automatically emails campaign alerts. Earlier this summer, Bing Ads announced automated rules in the interface. With these new capabilities Bing now has the ‘notify me when’ feature which allows the option of scheduling automated email alerts about what is going on in your campaign. This new button is under the Automate tab where notifications can be set at the campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword levels to let you know about the status of any metric such as budget, quality score, return on ad spend, and click-through rates. Bing allows you to set a notification to all units at a certain level or by selecting a specific campaign.

Depending on the urgency level, you can set alerts with the ‘notify me’ button every week, every day, or just once. Then you just have to set the time span you want the rule to be based on. The options of the time spans that one can use is previous day, same day, previous business week, and previous three months. Lastly, there is also an option to set an alert for a time zone and time for an alert so the email doesn’t have to be based on the time zone of the account.

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