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What is an SSL Certificate, and Do I Need One?

Data breaches and cyberattacks causing personal information leaks happen all the time across the web. Luckily, there is a way for websites to secure their sites and protect their users’ information with an SSL certificate. Keep reading to learn more:

What Is an SSL Certificate?

A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a certificate that can be purchased digitally by websites to ensure that the web server is secure. SSL certificates prove that the website is authentic. You may have seen a little padlock symbol by a URL at the top of the page; this means that that site has an SSL certificate and is protected from hackers.

SSL certificates are used to keep the information between a server and user protected using encryption. Encryption means that the user data is unobtainable and unreadable without a decryption key. This encryption ensures that the personal user information that users put into your website, such as their email address, password, credit card information, etc., is kept safe from being stolen from hackers.

Does My Website Need an SSL Certificate?

It is always a good idea for any website to have an SSL certificate, but it is crucial if your website collects personal information from users. SSL certificates show users that your website is secure, trustworthy, and safe. If a website doesn’t have an SSL certificate, Google will show that by saying that the site is not secure at the search bar at the top of the page by the URL. This can be a scary message to website visitors, causing them to leave the site.

How Do I Get an SSL Certificate for My Website?

There are a few different ways for your website to obtain an SSL certificate. Many times website hosting offers SSL certificates as part of a package deal. SSL certificates range in prices from as low as $5 a year to up to $1,000 a year; however, typically, they average around $60 per year.

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