What is an Organic Link?

Organic links are essentially the word of mouth for the online world. Lets do some review before, an organic search result is when your business listing appears on search engines, Google, Bing and Yahoo, not because of paid ads but because of the relevance to the search terms being used. You can keep this in mind when you hear the term organic links. An organic link is a link to your site from another website, blog or social media account without you asking this other business to do so. For example, when you are browsing your Facebook and see a friend share an article by ESPN of the most recent draft decision, or another friend sharing a funny list from Buzzfeed these are example of these businesses receiving organic links to their site.

The advantage to having organic links:

  • Generate traffic to your site,
  • Google bots follow these links on other sites and consider it valuable
  • Build a reputation in your field for valuable content and information worth reading

How to get Organic Links:

  • Have an onsite blog
  • Write content worth reading
  • Have social media for easy sharing outlets
  • Participate in related blog communities
  • Share videos relevant to your industry
  • Get creative!

Overtime if you continue to receive organic links from trusted sites related to your industry the better. They are a great way to drive targeted visitors to your site because the person that linked to you has deemed you worthy of sharing with their circle.


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