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What is an Ideal Content Length?

For your website to rank well with search engines and be relevant to your entire customer base, it needs to have a blog with fresh content updated regularly. There are several different factors you need to consider when producing content that will be most useful for your online marketing strategy.

The length of the pieces you put up is important, though there is no universal standard regarding what “ideal” means for how long content should be. This will depend on the interest level and education of your customers as well as the intent of the users who visit your website.

Long-form content is typically defined as copy that is 2,000 words or more; this type of material is generally created as a whitepaper, e-book or how-to guide. Short-form content is around 1,000 words or less; things like emails, blog posts and social media updates are common examples of this kind of writing.

So how can you arrive at a length that will work best for your content marketing plan?

Here are a few times when long-form content is the way to go:

  • In the early stages of a marketing campaign, when an audience has little awareness of the services offered.
  • When technical products need more space for the proper explanation of complex aspects.
  • For business-to-business sales, because the purchase cycle is often drawn-out and complicated.

Short-form content will have the greatest impact in these circumstances:

  • When readers are already familiar with a business and trust the products and services that are provided.
  • For commonly used products that do not require a great deal of description.
  • While a website is relatively new, as users are more likely to read and share shorter content.

Because there is not set rule for the best length to use, it is up to you to determine your strategy based on a given situation. You and your marketing team should ask questions that will help you arrive at a course of action, such as: How much do the customers know? How interested are the readers in this subject? What resources does your company have for content production?

Armed with all of the pieces of information discussed above, you can experiment with different content lengths to see what works for your website. Drive traffic to your site and boost conversations and sales leads with content that most resonates with your customers.

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