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What is a SERP?

Google search is constantly evolving with more useful results and algorithms. Constant testing allows Google to determine the best search results.  At the end of the day Google’s goal is to get the user to their results in the least amount of clicks as possible.  In order to understand better what exactly Google does behind the scene to drive search results we must first understand what a SERP is.

What is a SERP?

SERP stands for search engine result page.  This is a page that provides users with results of their searches.  Search engine result pages can vary from one users results to another based on numerous factors.  Some examples of those factors can be if you are logged into Google, location, and even your search history.  What you see on the Google page after searching a question, phrase, or even a place is the “SERP”.  Everything from the paid advertisements to the total of result pages is included.


One of the first aspects that you will see on a SERP is the total number of search results Google displays along with the time it took to deliver the results.  Under that you may see advertisements about the searched result.  These are Google’s pay-per click ads that target a keyword.  Then, we get into the organic listings that appears in this SERP for Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide.  Next, down the page now a days you can find a section that shows what other people often search for.  This area allows users to click on other questions and often have a website linked to them for further information.

Other SERP Features

Google has multiple search features beyond organic results including Google Ads, People Also Ask, knowledge panels, top stories, and even videos. When it comes to People Also Ask they can really appear anywhere on the SERP.  They are easy to spot.  You will see five questions displayed about the top questions asked about that search.  When clicked on it will display the answer to the question along with a website link to follow.

When it comes to the video feature  you will see this appear anywhere along the page similar to People Also Ask.  This can be a handy feature if you are in the video making business and are looking to gain rankings that way.

However, with knowledge panels these are automatically generated boxes of information.  These are pulled from various sources from all around the internet by knowledge graph.  Google does offer directions in order to update the information contained in the knowledge graph.

I am sure you have seen a Google Ad before reading this if you are a seasoned veteran with using google.  They will be found at the top of the page.  Google Ads are sponsored results from advertisers.  Although, Google Ads are always visible at the top of the page there can also be found at towards the bottom of the webpage depending on your search results.

The last feature we will cover is top stories.  Top stories present themselves when a search result has news circulating about the topic.  Google may present a section showing the recent media stories surrounding the topic at hand.  Similar to the video feature this can be useful for those writing their own content.  If your content is about a certain subject that is involved in media or the news you can see boost to rankings.

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Now I could keep going on and on about more features that you will find on a SERP like tweets, top products, even apps but, we would be here all day.  However, if you are looking for more information on SERP’s and how to navigate them do not hesitate to reach out to Boston Web Marketing.  Our expert team will lead you through optimizing your content to rank properly on users SERPs.  To get in contact with us call us at (857) 526-0096 or email us at  We are excited to hear from you!


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