What is a Semalt Crawler?

A Semalt Crawler is a bot that visits random websites and gathers up statistical data; they look at unique IP, browsers, display resolution, etc.

Most webmasters, including us, here at Boston Web Marketing, do not like when these sorts of bots visit our websites and display data on Google Analytics.

These crawlers have a 100% bounce rate, which, depending how often they crawl a certain site during a month span, can really throw off data; we always want to give uncompromised data, and bots like the Semalt, can give misleading information!

To block these bots, simply follow this link: https://semalt.com/project_crawler.php. You can read all about the Semalt Crawler if you wish; to remove your website from their list, scrawl to the bottom of the page, copy and paste your website’s URL, and click the remove button. Within 30 minutes your Semalt Crawlers will be blocked from crawling your site.

For more information on the Semalt Crawler, please give Boston Web Marketing a call at 857.526.0096.


Joe Giorgianni

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