What Is A Manual Action Penalty From Google?

A manual action penalty from Google occurs when an actual human manually reviews and flags your website for breaking its quality standards defined in the Webmaster Guidelines. Receiving a manual action penalty can be detrimental to your website, as it will shoot your site down the search results rankings for any keyword or phrase you’re currently performing well for. Because of this, you’re likely to lose a significant amount of your organic traffic- and as most of us know, less traffic equals fewer conversions and sales. This is something that no business owner wants to have happen, so what can you do about manual action penalties? We’re going to break down how to fix manual action penalties below. 

How Do I Know If My Website Has Received A Manual Action Penalty?

Any website that receives a manual action penalty will be alerted via their linked Google Search Console account. Manual action notifications can be found in the Manual Actions report and the search console message center. If your site does have a manual action, the report will tell you why and what pages are being affected.

How Can I Fix A Manual Action Penalty On My Website?

Once you’ve located the manual action report within Google Search Console, you should be able to expand each manual action to see a more detailed description of why it was put in place. The next step is to fix the issue on each page being affected. Once you’ve resolved each issue, you can submit a request to Google to remove the manual action by selecting “Request Review” within the report. When submitting your request, you should acknowledge that you know what the quality issues were on your website, the actions you’ve taken to resolve these issues, and proof that the problem has been fixed. These reviews can take some time, so Google will alert you of your request’s process via the email associated with your Search Console account. 

What Causes A Manual Action Penalty?

Manual action penalties exist to punish websites that try to trick their way to the top of search results rankings using black-hat SEO tactics. These tactics violate Google’s terms of service and create a worse user experience, which is why Google looks to punish these websites. When a website somehow sneaks around the algorithm that generally filters these troubled websites out of the search results, a human from Google can find the website and enforce a manual action penalty. 

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