What is a Knowledge Panel & Why is It Important?

One of the first things you should do as a new business is making sure you claim and completely fill out your Google My Business listing with important details regarding your company, including the correct name, address, phone number, hours, and website. Your Google My Business page serves as your entry and Knowledge Panel, which shows up to the right of certain search results and allows potential customers to contact you directly. Making sure your listing is claimed and filled out by your business can be critical to your SEO efforts.

What is a local Knowledge Panel?

Knowledge Panels are common in search results for famous figures or nationwide brands but are also available for local businesses relevant to a user’s search query. The Knowledge Panel includes a link to your website and a button that links directly to your phone number as well as images of your business, including past work and your current product line, customer reviews, and a link to get directions to your storefront when applicable. Your Knowledge Panel appears in search results based on several ranking factors, including distance from the user and the amount of information provided by the business that matches the search term used.

Why should I claim my business’ Knowledge Panel?

There are many benefits to claiming your business’s Knowledge Panel. It is an effective way to capture leads on a potential user’s first interaction with your business online, with links available to your phone number and even your contact form to generate leads. By having a link to directions, customer reviews, and pictures of past work, potential customers will be able to get all the information they need before visiting your storefront or asking for a quote for service. From an SEO standpoint, your Knowledge Panel adds to the real estate taken up by your business and website on the first-page search results, which helps you stand out against your competitors in the region. Claiming your Knowledge Panel provides additional links to your business and allows you to make quick updates to important information so that it is visible at first glance. This is even more important now that businesses are constantly changing their hours with reopening efforts. A new feature on the Knowledge Panel is showing when the listing was last updated if it was within the last several weeks, allowing customers to know they have the most updated information. This is in addition to Google Posts, which are posts that stay live on your listing for up to seven days promoting events, campaigns, your contact page, and blog posts. 

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