What is a Good Tool for Resizing Images?

There are various tools and programs available that allow you to resize an image that you would like to insert onto your website.  Those who are more tech-savvy may have more complex programs such as Photoshop, where they use resizing among many more complex features, but if you are just looking for a quick and free avenue to take to edit the dimensions of your photo so that it is bigger or smaller, Pixlr serves as a great, user-friendly option.

Whether you are trying to resize a picture to fit across the top banner of your homepage, or you are trying to decrease the dimensions of an image to insert it into a blog post while preventing a longer load-time, you can complete this task in a matter of minutes.  Go to the Pixrl website and then choose Pixlr Editor from the three options presented.  Make sure the photo you would like to use has been saved to either your desktop or a specific folder, then choose the option “Open image from computer.”  Once your image is open, simply navigate to the Image tab in the top left corner and select Image Size, the first option that drops down.  Here you can input the new dimensions that you would like.  TIP: if you are unsure of what specific dimensions would be ideal, you can find an image of a similar size on a website, right click on it and select “View image info,” and here you can view these particular details.  After this has been inputted, simply save the newly edited image and it is now ready to use.

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