What Is A Facebook Instant Article and It’s Newest CTAs

Facebook Instant Articles were originally released as a distribution platform that allows a credible publisher to share their content as original media within Facebook‘s mobile app. The New York Times, Buzzfeed, and the Atlantic were among some of the credible partner publishers to release content via the app. However, by May of 2016, an ordinary user can share content with interactive elements in order to enhance user experience on mobile.

Facebook has now announced it is releasing more features for all users and that is adding two new call-to-actions (CTA). The CTA button can be customized in the color, style, and design of your brand.

  1. Page Like CTA: It encourages readers of the Instant Articles to like your Facebook page. It will start posting updates to the reader that like the page using this button.
  2. Email Sign-Up CTA: This new CTA encourages readers to subscribe to your email newsletters. Readers who agree to share their email will receive updates by email.

The Huffington Post and many other publishers have gained great success with the new CTA. Slate, a magazine that focuses on politics, business, technology, and arts has reported that its mailing list grew by 41%.

Facebook is also testing more CTAs as a result of the success of the email sign-up and Facebook Like CTAs. It is releasing a free trial and mobile app install CTA unit. Who knows what Facebook will release next.

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