What is a Canonical Tag and Why is it Important For SEO?

A canonical tag, or a canonical link, is a tag in the source code of every page that indicates to search engines that there is a master copy of the page. Also known as a “rel canonical”, this helps search engines index the correct URL of a page and prevent duplicate content, which is essential for every SEO strategy. Canonical tags are in HTML format and the header of a website source code. For websites with the same or similar content, the canonical URL refers to the master page. There are different uses for canonical tags and how they impact your SEO. Learn more about them below!

When To Use Canonical Tags

Canonical tags can be used in different cases. Below, learn when to use canonical tags for your website.

  • The homepage has different URLs (www.website.com, website.com, www.website.com/index.html).
  • Different HTTPS variants of the website.
  • Pages are reached with or without a slash (/) at the end or with case sensitivity.
  • Content is available in different formats (print, PDF, etc.)
  • URL is under an HTTP without an SSL certificate.
  • And more.

The Importance of Canonical Tags For SEO

Canonical tags are essential for optimizing your SEO strategy. They help prevent duplicate content, which can hurt your SEO rankings. Google knows when a website has very similar or duplicate content and causes a decrease in your ranking on search engine results pages. These canonical tags will help search engines like Google by telling them that there is a relevant page that helps resolve issues with duplicate content. Duplicate content’s negative impact on SEO can be prevented using a duplicate content tracker or running a crawl with a free technology crawling platform. Instead of checking each page one by one, using a free software platform like Ryte will make it easier for you by saving you time and effort. Monitoring this and other essential technical and content-related SEO tactics will allow your site to stand apart from the rest. 

Technical SEO and Digital Marketing Services with Boston Web Marketing

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