What Information Can You Receive from Google City Searches?

Whether you are searching for things to do on your next trip or you are looking for information out of simple curiosity, Google City Searches are a common inquiry on the search engine.  So, what exactly does Google present to viewers that they find most important?  Searching “San Diego, California” for example, could lead to results such as the current weather in the area, the latest top news, perhaps a Wikipedia with history/facts, and now, as recently announced, hotel booking information  in the knowledge graph box.

While the feature may still be rolling out for various cities across the country, the idea is that a user will be provided with an option to “View Hotels,” click on a corresponding link and be brought to a page that reveals nearby hotels along with their average price, ratings and a calender to select your potential check-in and check-out dates.

Generally speaking, this update is just another example of Google making information more quickly and readily available to each of its users.  The convenience is great, and over time it would be interesting to see if some hotels find an increase in bookings should they be featured on their corresponding city’s Google results page.

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