What Impact Will Voice Search Have on SEO in 2020?

Since technology is constantly changing, digital marketing must change their strategies with it. Voice search technology has grown to become extremely popular. Devices such as Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant, Siri, and more are beginning to take over how we search for things. Why pick up your phone or laptop to search when you can just talk out loud? Because of this, it’s essential for SEO specialists to adjust some of their strategies to ensure their websites are still coming up on search results when people use voice search. So, how does it impact search engine optimization?

Natural Language

As technology has evolved, voice recognition systems have greatly improved and are considered very reliable. Voice technology has grown to understand everyday language use, so people can speak to voice systems the same way they would speak to a human.

Keyword Length

Spoken language is always different than written words, so when people speak to voice systems, they are most likely going to use more than two or three keywords. It’s been found that voice searches average about 28 words in length. Because of this, SEO specialists will need to include more long-tail keywords in their content, titles, and descriptions if they want to optimize their website for voice search as well.

Local Search

When searching by voice, people are 3x more likely to search locally. Research showed that last year, 58% of consumers found local businesses by voice search and 46% of consumers used voice search to find information on local businesses. SEO specialists should notice this change and optimize their client’s websites for “near me” queries.

Question Words

It’s been found that voice searches will more often include the question words who, what, when, where, and how. SEO specialists must make sure their content can deliver relevant and accurate answers to voice searches. It’s important that content can also distinguish between simple questions and questions that need more extensive answers. Questions that can be answered with a short response won’t bring traffic to your website because Google will often answer the question quickly for you using featured search snippets.

20% of voice searches are usually triggered by question words. Question word queries will show users’ intent to a higher degree. Knowing this, SEO specialists can work these question words into their strategies.


Ecommerce businesses are very impacted by voice searches since people are more likely to make purchases using voice search. It was found that 62% of people who own a voice speaker have made purchases through their speaker assistants and 40% of people who own a voice speaker have used voice assistants before making a purchase. SEO specialists should make it a priority to optimize and get voice assistants for their eCommerce websites.

Voice technology has a great impact on SEO, therefor strategists should keep these points in mind when optimizing their websites. Getting ahead of this advice now will help even more in the future as voice technology continues to grow.

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