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What Impact Does Site Speed Have on SEO?

SEO is a complicated process that requires attention across a variety of areas, including your external links, site content, UI, & more in order to ensure your site is well-optimized in every avenue, as they all contribute to your site’s ranking. One important factor that optimizers can’t overlook when it comes to their site is site speed, as it is an incredibly important ranking factor that can hurt your site’s rankings if neglected. Are you interested in learning more about the importance of site speed on your SEO? Keep reading below for more information!

How Important Is Site Speed?

If you’re wondering whether site speed is worth focusing on when optimizing your site, consider this; Google, where nearly 90% of all searches occur, has stated themselves that site speed is a ranking factor for websites. Google, which is notorious for not letting too much information slip out about their algorithms, has acknowledged the importance of this particular factor, which means it is essential to focus on it.

Think About Your Audience

However, even beyond Google’s advice, there are other reasons why site speed is important to your site beyond your search results. Put yourself in the shoes of a user. Imagine you’re searching for a new roofer in your area. You’re searching a few different terms, and scrolling through the results, and you click a page that grabs your attention. When you get to the page, it’s a blank screen that appears to be loading. You wait a few seconds for the page to load, but with no indication that anything is actually loading, you decide to leave the site and visit another.

It can take just a few seconds for a user to decide to leave your site, which is why you will see your bounce rate drop significantly when your site speed is addressed. This means that not only will optimizing site speed help to improve your rankings on the SERP’s, but it will also help keep users on your site and lead to better conversion rates.

What Can I Do To Improve My Site’s Speed?

Now that we’ve established the importance of site speed, you’re likely wondering what you can do to improve it! Here’s a brief list of suggestions to give you a place to start:

Reduce Image Size

One quick fix that can significantly impact site speed is reducing images as much as possible. Large images and graphics can significantly slow site loading speeds, which means optimizing and minimizing them often makes a big difference.

Choose The Right Hosting

Another issue that can slow your site down is choosing the wrong hosting. If you host your site on a slow server, it can slow your site, even if everything else is well-optimized. Consider switching hosting packages to give your site a boost!

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