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What Hashtags Should You Use for A Business Instagram’s Posts?

Social media is a marketing tool that is consistently growing in popularity. Businesses in all different industries use Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, TikTok, and more to connect with existing customers and reach new ones. Instagram is the second most popular social networking platform right after Facebook. With millions of users daily, Instagram is a highly effective and easy way for businesses to grow brand awareness. There are many ways to optimize your business’s Instagram to grow more followers and reach, and one of those ways is through hashtag use. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of hashtags, how to use them, and which hashtags to use:

Why Should I Use Hashtags on my Instagram Post?

Businesses and personal Instagram accounts use hashtags as an effective way to reach more people. For companies, using hashtags is a way to reach your specific target audience. Using hashtags in the captions of your posts or your stories will enable your post to show up on the page for that particular hashtag. Instagram users can also follow hashtags. This means that posts with that specified hashtag will appear on their Instagram feed. Hashtags are a completely free way to market your business on social media, so why not do it?

What Hashtags to Use for Your Business

Anything can be turned into a hashtag, resulting in billions of hashtags on Instagram. There are also many popular hashtags that are used often, such as #love with 1.835 billion posts. It is wise for businesses to avoid using those popular hashtags because the volume at which people post can decrease your post’s visibility. So which ones should you choose to use on your social media posts? We put together a list of hashtag categories that businesses can use to effectively reach their target audience. 

  • Product/ service hashtag: words like describe what your business is offering, such as #shoes or #haircuts
  • Niche Hashtag: Niche hashtags are very specific to your industry, such as #weddingphotography
  • Instagram community: Using an Instagram community hashtag is a great way to reach a specific audience. For example, #gamersofinstagram
  • Special events/seasonal hashtags: For holiday or seasonal deals posts, it is wise to use a seasonal hashtag such as #happy4th #merrychristmas 
  • Location-based hashtags In addition to using the location feature on your Instagram post, you can also use a location hashtag to reach individuals in that area better. For example, #bostonboattours

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