What Happens During A Website Discovery Call

Congratulations! You have determined it is time to get your business or personal brand on a new and improved website! This is an exciting venture that is a process from start to finish. However, the initial portion of this extensive building process is your website discovery call. A discovery call is a way for your website designer and marketing team to have the opportunity to explore your business, branding, design needs, timing, and budget. One of the most exciting components of this process is the discovery phase. To learn more about what to expect during this phase, the experts at Boston Web Marketing have compiled our guide to all things website discovery call. To learn more, continue reading below!


What Will I Go Over During My Website Discovery Call:


We Will Set Objectives

One of the main goals of these discussions is to formulate and devise a plan to execute the objectives of your site. Doing so allows us to completely understand exactly what you are looking for and what we need to do as web developers to help you achieve your goals. These objectives are not only business-based but also include other elements such as structure, functionality, and design. These design elements help us as a team set visual expectations to help you achieve your image.


We Will Discuss Your Current Website

No matter why you are seeking a new website design, your current website is likely out of date or has gaps in functionality. During this discussion call, we will review your current website to identify these issues and discuss how to implement areas in your new site to combat them. We recommend that you generally identify areas that you are looking to change, whether it is due to design, layout, or function.


We Will Discuss Your Budget

Another critical element to consider during your website design discovery call is budget. Websites come at various prices, and every company or designer is different. During these calls, your marketing and web team will be able to openly discuss budget options and provide you with the best fit for your cost. 


We Will Discuss Timeline

During the discovery call, you will also better understand the timeline for your new website. Timelines depend on various factors identified in the beginning stages of the process. Generally speaking, websites take weeks to months to complete; however, with the right timeline, expediting could be possible. 


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