What Google My Business Features Should I Be Using?

When was the last time you made any edits to your Google My Business profile? Better yet, when was the last time you logged in? If you haven’t been utilizing Google My Business for your business, it’s not too late. Google My Business not only allows you to provide your customers with accurate information about your business, but you can also increase your local search presence through the various features they have been adding to the profile over the last 6-9 months.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that allows businesses and organizations to manage their presence on Google (search and maps). With similar abilities of other listing websites, Google My Businesses profile to share information regarding the business/location (hours of operations, phone number, address, etc.) as well as receive reviews. Google regularly makes updates to the tool in addition to adding new features to help increase your online presence.

Google My Business Features to Utilize:

1. Posts

A newer feature that Google has added to Google My Business, the posts feature allows organizations to utilize their profile in similar ways to a social media platform. The content that you turn into a Google Post will be featured on your Google My Business profile for seven days and there are several options when adding the content to further promote your business.

Some of these features include:

  • Adding text (300-word limit)
  • Uploading an image
  • Adding a button to link back to your website
  • Create an event or share a product

The great thing about this feature is that you are able to view individual insights for each post to see how it performed and to see how many people saw it.

2. Insights

Similar to the Google Post insights, the regular insights can be accessed on the back end of your Google My Business profile when you’re logged into the account. These insights will show you how your profile as a whole performed over the last month, week, and quarter. Our favorite “perk” to these insights is that you can see how utilizing the different features changes how your profile performs.

Through the insights section of your profile, you can see:

  • How users search for your business
  • Where users view your business on Google
  • How users engage with your profile
  • How many phone calls are made through the profile and the number of visits to the website via the profile
  • The number of photos viewed on your profile and how this number compares to other profiles in the same industry

Google also recently released a new feature with these insights that allow you to connect Google Search Console to see the search analytics for the keywords users are searching, how many impressions and clicks your website receives, as well as new keyword ideas to start optimizing for.

3. Book an Appointment

Depending on the type of industry you are in, you will see the option to add a Book an Appointment link to your profile. This is extremely beneficial if you’re a service-based business (i.e. a hair salon, restaurant, etc.). Through this, you can link to your contact page or an appointment page on your website. If you have neither of these but use a program to book appointments or to make a reservation, you can also add that link into this section.

4. Messaging

Looking for new, easy ways to connect with your customers? The Google Messaging feature will allow customers to directly message you through your Google My Business profile whenever they want. In order to have this setup, you do have to have a phone that can receive SMS messages, which eliminates any numbers that are attached to business lines. Similar to Facebook Messaging, Google Messaging will display an average response time so when you do receive these messages, you’ll want to respond as quickly as possible.

5. Small Thanks with Google

This new product-based feature allows you to turn your positive reviews into marketing tools that you can use on social media or print out, for free! These products are super easy to create and help promote not only your business but your Google My Business profile. Google will automatically pull the reviews that they think highlight your business best, but you can also select the ones you want to turn into products. Looking for some new content for your social media platforms? Small Thanks for Google is perfect for this!

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