What Google Analytics Is Saying About Your Content? Part Two

Now that you understand the traffic source overview to your site, the next report to analyze is the content overview report. Google analytics generates reports after it tracks specific data to show how visitors engage with your websites content using metrics. The date tracked is the page that a visitor enters and exits a site on, how long and how often they view a page, and the extent to which they search your site for specific content.

The data outlined in the red box is the data of the key pageview metrics for this site over the course of one month showing user overall behavior of visitors. Pages on this site were viewed 2,023 times and the average time per page is 1 minute 24 seconds the bounce rate is ideal at 38.20% assuming visitors are navigating through the site and engaging with the content. The chart below is the site content activity for the all the pages on this website organized from highest pageview to lowest. This chart tells us alot of about visitors engagement on each page and whether the content on the pages is of value to the visitors and your website.

Google Analytics

Right now we will look at the green box showing the data surrounding the homepage data. The home page for this site is an example of a good site. It is the number one page view and 268 visitors enter the site on the homepage which is expected. The average time on this page is high with 1 minute and 36 seconds and a fairly decent bounce rate, 28.73% (generally wanting to keep the bounce rate between 30%-50%) and the exit percentage is low as well, telling us that  26.11% of people exit the site from this page.  With these numbers we can come to the conclusion that visitors are engaging with the site and content provided on the homepage and not generally leaving the entire website from the homepage. One number that we would want to look into further is the bounce rate for the homepage and the other pages with alarming bounce rates, to find out where visitors going and their level of engagement on those pages. Looking further into the content analytics will tell us how can we have visitors leave the site after the purchase of a good or service. Stayed tuned!

By Giovanna DaPrato

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