What Good Web Hosting Will Do For Your Website’s SEO

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, a modern website with high-quality content is key to establishing a business’ online presence and helping an individual website garner positive attention from search bots, thus resulting in a higher ranking. There are other smaller details, however, that can factor into the success of a website’s SEO that isn’t even visually available on a page. One of these elements is hosting. What hosting does for a website, is create space within a particular server and HOST the various components that make up a website such as copy, image files, and video files that you normally see when you enter a website. Good hosting will go a long way in helping your website’s SEO. Here are a few instances where hosting can positively affect SEO. 

Positively impact the website’s speed 

One of Google’s biggest priorities when ranking a website is site speed. A good hosting provider will allow your website to appear to users quickly when they opt to access it. It will also correctly display everything the way that you and/or the web designer, had intended it to be. 

On some occasions, hosting could experience an error and your images or other aspects of your website could appear larger/smaller than they should be or simply not load at all. This is where having solid hosting will help. Having a consistent hosting provider will prevent many of these types of issues, thus positively impacting website speed and helping with SERP rankings.

Consistent “Uptime”

A good hosting provider will keep your website on “uptime” on a more regular basis. Uptime is just a reference of how long your website is online and available for users (and search engine bots) to access. The better the hosting, the more uptime your website likely experiences. The more uptime your website experiences, the more accessible it is to users and search bots, thus resulting in more traffic which is one of the key factors to driving a positive search engine result. 

Granted, downtime is bound to happen once in a while for maintenance purposes. Do not worry about your website experiencing a grand total of a minute or two of downtime per year. 

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