What Goes into a Good Website?

Your website needs to be a high-quality representation of your brand to help support your sales and marketing efforts. With this blog, we’ll go over how to make the most of your marketing budget to build your web presence. Your website should have a good experience for visitors first off and an excellent resource for the industry that you’re in. you need to both drive visitors to your website but also deliver on the experience that the web user is expecting. Let’s explore how.

Set Clear Goals for Your Website

Whenever you set off on a business-related project, you should have a clear goal in mind. For the website, you’ve got to consider yourself, but the end-user as well. To reach your visitors with eye-catching content, you first have to know who they are. 

If your goals and your goals for your users aren’t properly aligned, you won’t see many results from your website. High bounce rates can be frustrating and a sign that people aren’t finding what they’re looking for. This could mean that you’re tailoring your website for you rather than potential customers.

Earn Trust from Your Audience

You never want to deceive your visitors with clickbait, you want to offer quality information that will lead to repeat visitors and conversions down the road. Humanize your brand and website with content about your company, this can be a page featuring some of your employees and a brief history of your company. Often, people don’t want to spend time or money with a company that they aren’t sure is legitimate. Leverage reviews from past customers and other sources to help exhibit that you’re a trustworthy company to do business with. 

UX and Usability 

Having a beautiful website is something that many aim for, but beauty is subjective. What isn’t is the usability level. You want your website to be easy to use and designed with clear calls to action.

User experience isn’t all about appearances, it’s the feel as well. Make sure the website is responsive and works as well on mobile as it does on desktop.

Optimize Your Landing Pages

The landing pages on your website are the pages that users land on from search engines or other external sources. It’s important that you have an agile strategy with your landing pages, especially when you’re new to an industry or still learning out your audience in a new market. Test out what works best with your visitors and work through your website with your learnings. Data from Google Analytics will show you which pages your visitors spend the most time. Your website’s content strategy is ongoing, so it’s important to implement your learnings to grow your brand faster. 

Don’t rely on your assumptions or behaviors when it comes to your website. Dig into the pages that perform well and use similar strategies and designs elsewhere. Listen to your visitors every chance you get and create a positive experience for everyone who encounters your brand online. 

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