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What Free SEO Tools Can I Use?

If your goal is to either monitor or increase traffic for your website, then you’ll want to adopt the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. When it comes to monitoring your website, as it turns out, there are a number of tools available for you to use at little to no cost – and that’s the focus of today’s blog post. To learn more about SEO tools that you can use for your website, just keep reading below! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a team of dedicated SEO specialists, get in touch with us at Boston Web Marketing! Call 857.526.0096 or submit a contact form here.

Google Search Console

Given that most internet searches are conducted through Google, it’s natural that Google has its very own platform for users to monitor traffic to their websites, which goes by the name of Google Search Console. Free to use, comprehensive and insightful, GSC will help give users a closer look at their keyword rankings, helping them determine what is and isn’t working in their SEO strategy. In addition to this, GSC can detect crawl errors that transpire with your site, and submit pages for indexing. The platform packs a punch despite being free to use – consider using GSC if you want to monitor your SEO success without breaking the bank.

Google Analytics

Also free to use, Google Analytics is just as reputable as Search Console and has many features that you can take advantage of. Among its many features is the ability to track conversions on your website, such as calls and/or contact form submissions that users make from your site. In addition to this, GA allows you the ability to make useful reports that can help give you insight as to whether or not your SEO strategy is working.

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