What Features Should I Use on Facebook Ads?

With Facebook updating its business settings all the time, it can be difficult to keep up with the best features to use. Some tools are not as well-known, but they can make a huge difference in your campaign. When it comes to Facebook ads, it’s critical to get all of the details right the first time. 

Here are a few of our favorite features and how to use them.

Tag Integration

Since 2017, Facebook has made it easier to incorporate Google Tag Manager, Shopify, WooCommerce, and others into Facebook pixel. There are specific instructions to follow depending on the program you use that can be provided by them. 

On Facebook, click on Events Manager. Hover over the green plus sign and select “Connect Data Source.” Then choose the type of data source you want, and fill out the appropriate information for your business.

Also, be sure to check that Facebook pixel is firing properly. There are Chrome extensions available for download that help you check and troubleshoot issues. 

Creative Hub

Creative Hub allows business page owners to test out the type of ads they want to display. Users can test placements, videos, carousel, and other elements of their ads. Utilizing interactive ads, slideshows, or videos can be helpful when trying to differentiate your brand. 

Creative Hub is located under the “Advertise” tab in Business Manager. 

Analytics & Insights

Analytics, located under the “Analyze and Report” tab, can help give specific insights into performance, similar to Google Analytics. 

Cohorts can be used to track certain trends over a period of time, and Funnels can be utilized to create a sequence of actions. 

More specifically, users can track audience insights beyond analytics. Under the same tab, you can find Audience Insights. Demographics, page likes, interests, and usage data can all be gathered here to help build your ideal target audience.  

Location Targeting

There are many additional features to use on top of location targeting. Users can set a specific radius or for a city/town only. From there, you can target people who have recently visited the particular area, people who currently live there, and people who visited recently but live at least 125 miles away. 

This is extremely helpful for businesses that target specifically to tourists and want to avoid advertising to residents. 

Create Facebook Ads with Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing, we are experienced in creating ads that will have the best ROI for your business. We can help you to determine the most effective settings and features to use for your ads. Share your business goals with us and receive a free website audit today. 

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