What Factors Can Affect Website Traffic?

If you notice a drop in traffic to your site, you should first analyze the severity of the decrease. If it’s a small dip, chances are it is just an effect from the general ebbs and flows of search traffic. If the decline you notice is exponential though or has been looming for some time, it may be cause for concern. Dropping in traffic to your site can happen for any number of reasons, especially these three common reasons for changes in traffic.

Algorithm Update

Often when traffic dramatically changes, it can be in result of a search engine algorithm update. If you own a website, you should be aware of sizable looming algorithm updates but if you do notice a significant shift in your website traffic, check to see if there was a recent algorithm update.

Site Change

If you implemented a reasonably major site change and saw a drop in traffic following soon after the change, it could be due to the change itself. A site change that could be causing a difference in traffic can include anything from changing your home page, updating all your meta tags, switching around your menu, and more. Now, it is not definite that the change could be causing the decreasing traffic numbers, but if the shift coincides closely with the site update, it is something to investigate upon.

Segmented Traffic Drop

When you notice a severe decrease in traffic to your site, you should always analyze the drop in traffic. Analyzing variables of your traffic drop can help you uncover valuable data that may help you discover the issue causing your traffic to drop. You may find that your mobile browsing traffic has dropped significantly while the desktop has remained the same. This knowledge can allow you to address and correct the issue and get your traffic back to normal.

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